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If you're interested in starting your own business, then you're probably aware that there are a lot of opportunities out there. Maybe you've looked around at some of your options, you've watched some videos like this already, read some blog articles, and you've seen the lists of all the different things you can do. The problem with a lot of the jobs that you'll see on those lists is that they don't pay very much and you probably wanna start your own business so that you can increase your income so that you can have more flexibility and freedom and be your own boss, but unless the job pays reasonably well, it's not gonna do that.

In this article, I'm gonna share with you 12 different ideas for businesses that you can start this year that have very high profits. Before we get into the list, I just wanna let you know that there are kind of two different ways that a business could have a high profit. One is if the business is in a big industry where the business has the opportunity to earn a lot of revenue. In that case, even if the expenses are also relatively high, the business could keep a lot of the profit. For example, let's say there's a business that earned a million years, they make a million dollars in sales. Even if their expenses are $800,000, they still will keep $200,000 in profit, so that's a fairly large amount of profit.

Before You Start-Up: How to Prepare to Make Your Startup Dream a Reality

On the other hand, there are business opportunities that aren't in such big industries and maybe don't have the opportunity to earn such large amounts of revenue. Take for example a music teacher. They're teaching one student at a time or a small group of students and they're just one person. The amount of money that they can earn total is limited, but their expenses are very low, so their profit margins are very high. They might be able to keep 80% or even 90% of the money that is paid to them. If they earn $100,000 a year, they're able to keep$80,000 or $90,000 of it and they can still earn a great living. In this article, you're going to hear some of these different types of opportunities. Some of these are bigger businesses that have bigger potential for earning. Others of them are small businesses that you could do all on your own, just a one-man team, but you're able to keep a lot of the profits. As you hear each of these ideas, just be aware that there is that variety there and that some of these ideas might appeal to you because maybe you wanna build a big business and others might appeal to you if you want to keep things really small and simple.

Top 5 Unique Business Ideas

let's get on into the first of these most profitable business ideas.

1. IT Support

With so many people using technology in so many ways, there is a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong and people to need help. That's where an IT support specialist can come in.

It’s a matter of whether you can do everything on your own as an individual and make huge profits, or you can hire another person for your organization. You will want to keep a small amount of profit but you will be able to serve more customers. At this point, you may already have the skills and knowledge to better support people with certain types of technology or you need to take some training to be able to provide a great experience to your customers and be very, very helpful to them.

2.Application Development

In order to develop applications, you need to have technical skills and understand coding languages so that you can create applications. The only way to make a lot of money through apps is if you are a developer and if an application goes viral, there are many more great opportunities to make money. And a reliable opportunity if you create applications for other people.

You can serve people who can't create applications, enliven their ideas, and get paid for doing so. Application developers are paid a high average wage because of the technical nature of this work and because not many people have this skill. If you are working as an individual as an app developer or you are a freelancer, you will be able to keep a high percentage of your earnings, which means this job is very profitable.

3. Apparel and Accessory Rental

The number three idea of ​​profitable work is rent for clothes and accessories. This is quite different from the other jobs I have mentioned so far because it certainly falls into the category of a large business with lower profit margins. This type of company rents clothing or accessories or other things to consumers. This way, the customer can pay a relatively low monthly fee to get access to lots of different wardrobe options. To start this business you need a fair amount of start-up capital because you have to buy the items you are renting. This will be one of your first expenses.

You may also need to hire some people to serve your customers. There is no cost to run this business, but you will be able to serve a large number of customers and it is in great demand right now.

Large well-known established clothing companies have started offering this service. This is just additional evidence that it is actually profitable.

4. Marketing Copywriter

The next profitable business idea is marketing copywriter. A marketing copywriter is the one who writes the words you see on marketing materials like advertising. I’m sure you’re aware, people pay for different types of writing. There are people who write fiction books and non-fiction books, write articles for magazines.

There are people who write words on billboards and words that are said in TV commercials. All this gives different rates for different types of writing.

5. Academic Courseware

Academic course-ware complements the business concept number five. Academics is a big business. I'm sure you are aware that there are different types of schools, from elementary schools to colleges and universities to specialty trade schools. Most of these institutions provide great learning, often, students need some complimentary support. They can go to a tutor or they can take a complimentary online course.

These courses are not approved, but they really help students. They help students perform better in school and get better grades and they give students information that will help them in real life.

If you are an expert in any subject but you are a teacher yourself, you can create one of these online courses. You can sell it on your own website or on public course platforms. You can keep any earnings for about $10 per course. You must specify the subject of the course and how it depends on the students. That course can sell for around $500 to $1000.

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