Interior landscaping is usually supplied on the basis of hydroponics, one of the most well-known watering systems at the moment. The plants are in the planter in clay granules for firmness and the water meter indicates the water level in the planter. Specially designated fertilizers are added to the water molecule, giving the plant its necessary nutrients.

What Exactly Does Hydroponics Mean?

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants in water. Cultivation is based on the principle that plants need nothing else for their growth than water, air, and nutrients. The plants mainly live on a carefully balanced nutrient that is added to the water. Natural clay pellets are used as support for the plants (normally soil). This causes the roots to form water roots. A water meter is placed in the hydro box, which indicates exactly how much water is still in the box. If the water meter indicates that the minimum has been reached, water must be poured over the granules until the optimum is reached. To bring out the full potential of the plant, the plant is fed twice a year.

In 4 Steps to a Different Climate

Everyone has their ideas when it comes to (re) designing their workplace, perhaps even the entire working environment in its entirety. The ideal office environment exists. He inspires and makes people flourish, creating an inspiring workplace! With the help of our 4-step plan, a green and colorful workplace is created that you don't have to worry about.

Step 1

The consultant of will make an appointment with you for an inventory at your location. The business space is systematically examined with you. The planters and plants must be in harmony with the environment. When choosing interior landscaping, environmental factors such as space, light, desired appearance, etc. are taken into account.

Step 2

On the basis of various photos, we can show you many examples. If desired, you can visit the wholesaler showroom with us. This allows you to get a good idea of ​​the possibilities and your own preferences.

Step 3

With our unique quotation system, the green specialist will tailor a specified proposal for you. You can view this on our screened section on our website. This proposal will be discussed with you, after which changes/extensions can be made if necessary.

Step 4

When the order is placed, the interior planting is delivered and placed with care on location. Once the inspiring workplace has been realized, regular maintenance is of course necessary to keep the greenery in optimum condition, including this maintenance can take care of you.

Maintaining Hydroplanting

It is of course important to keep your plants in optimal condition.
We offer you to have the plant maintenance taken care of by one of our green specialists.

A maintenance contract through your local green specialist means that we take full responsibility for the maintenance of the plants.


In principle, the plants are maintained monthly or as much more or less as necessary to keep the plants in optimal condition.

The maintenance consists of:
  • To water
  • Check operation of water meters (and replace if necessary)
  • Keeping the plants dust-free
  • Keep the bins clean
  • Remove dead and yellow leaves
  • Move / rotate plants in relation to light
  • Administer nutrition
  • Replenish hydro grains
  • Pruning the plants for the design
  • Install or replace canes to support plants
  • Tying up the plants
  • Control and, if possible, control of diseases and vermin.
  • Replace plants that are in poor condition

A maintenance contract can be concluded for a period of 1 or several years.

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